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Chapter 6.0

The Five Year Plans

Written Date: June 2022

Written Location: Las Vegas, NV, USA

The Conscious

Tree leaves turned to yellow and red and then fell. In Durham, NH, USA, the campus view was very beautiful as usual. I was sitting in the classroom in 2019 Fall semester at the University of New Hampshire(UNH). The strategic management ADMN 700 was the milestone class for the business administration major. That late afternoon I was sitting on the front row listening to professors’ lecture. My mind was flying away after 30 mins. Compared with accounting and computer programming, this class is fairly easy. Suddenly, a key term came into my ear from the professor. “The five year plan”, “The personal five year plan”.

Based on where I came from, the term "Five-Year Plan" is always there. Meanwhile, From business perspective, a five year plan setup is not uncommon. In the US, probably a few people have ever stopped to think about what the original five year plan was, the five year plans of the Soviet Union. Undoubtedly, the economic reform of the Soviet Union and its lessons will be detailed in another chapter. The action of my personal five year was inspired during that class. My  personal five year essay got an A because I wrote it with my heart from within. Yes, the awareness about the future was grown based on that essay. In addition, the future of my success hinges on whether the personal five year plan can be implemented successfully.

The War/Special Military Operation

The war/special military operation was carried out in Feb, 24th, 2022. I didn’t sleep that night, grabbed every single news I could find out there to read. Yes, I was worried about her, the girl. She cared for her home country. In addition, this is not what we have seen in the past couple decades.

10 years ago, in 2012, I was still just a high school student, sitting in the living room and watching the news:

"Спасибо всем, кто сказал «да» великой России. Я вас спросил однажды: «Мы победим?» Мы победили!" ----- 2012

The country where I grew up, for as long as I can remember, almost always had a pro-Russia “news environment”. To me, he has been a role model since I was little. Tough, determined and powerful were qualities he holds. He showed his tears in front of supporting crowd in 2012, which shocked the world. So many years later as for today, I still think today’s outcome is too complicated to explain. I hope peace will come soon. When I grew up numerous reasons enabled me to develop deep awareness and sensitivity about geopolitical issues. Therefore, after a long time and numerous cases, you see a pattern for those issues. My college freshman year English research paper was about 2014 Ukrainian Crisis. In 2014 it was my first time to access western media directly, which influences my thoughts and values.

Yes, the war/special military operation would have be just a geopolitical case to me If I never met her. The “yellow wheat and blue sky” is hurt, which was heartbreaking.  One week after Feb, 24th, 2022, I went to church to pray, to pray for peace, to pray for the war to stop. I prayed and I prayed …

Shahadaroba, Shahadaroba…

At some point in your life, you will become to aware that some people may stay in your heart but not in your life. I loved, waited and stayed. However, when a lie and betray cut too deep, I had no way out. I had no options but to move forward. Two very long paragraphs were written to summarize my thoughts, but I decided to not keeping them. Not every man is James B. yet every man probably has had a “Vesper Lynd” in their lives. The girl, who you can never share a love story with, created an uncaring void in your life. I hope one day the girl grow some conscience. Not knowing what is right and what wrong won’t provide any direction. Rationally speaking, the girl had the nature but never learned how to nurture. I hope one day she realize something and learn to take care of herself.

I want to pretend nothing ever happened. Maybe once I move forward one day I will be able to shock myself that how much it was never happened. Yes, it never happened,


Is the word they whisper low

Shahadaroba, Shahadaroba

Means the future

Is much better than the past …

The Five Year Plans

I attended the baseball game on a Saturday, which was too relaxing so I left early. After too many years of toggling difficulties and hardships, I have lost my ability  to actually cherish the down time. When the difficulties and hardship come to get you, you don’t really have time to think, you get back up and solve them one after one, brushing them like a snow flakes, each one is icy cold. After dealing with them, when you are alone, you are not really cheered up by the relaxing time.

After summing it up, I felt 10 years older so I decided to do sth. On the basis of those factors, I have decide to move forward with no regrets. I want to become stronger, smarter and richer, a strongest version of myself. From this chapter moving forward, I will not yield and will not be affected by those factors. I will learn and push myself to be at a better and bright future.

I went hard on my college degrees, I went hard on that "relationship" and I went hard on my first job.

I will push through on my next five year plan. The clock is ticking and I have to move fast. Will you always invest money and time to learn something important? Yes. Will you put yourself second for the people you love? Maybe. Will you cross the ocean again to start a new chapter? You really don’t know answer until you face the question. Move forward, move fast and never look back.


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